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Air Seal Total
Preventive Puncture Proof Tyre Sealant & Tyre Life Enhancer
Arpee Electrical Pvt. Ltd. offers Preventive Puncture Proof Tyre Sealant Air Seal Total.

Air Seal Total is a high speed thixotropic product(tested to over 200 kmph speed) used on all kinds of pneumatic tyres.
It protects tyre investment, and helps maintain correct tyre pressure.
Easy driving – less unexpected flat tyres and blowouts.
Saves from 3 to 10% on fuel consumption.
Increases the tyre’s lifespan of up to 40%.
AST contains minute rubber particles, does not contain fibers.
The composition in Air Seal Total is non dangerous and the gel is non-flammable, readily biodegradable, it protects a tyre against heat and cold from -35 degree C to + 50 degree C, easily washable and removable with water, it protects against rust and corrosion of tyre rims and does not deteriorate and remains active during the tyre’s entire lifespan.
It is introduced into the tyre by unscrewing and removing the valve core, once injected it spreads out inside the tyre on the tread width forming a protective layer, after driving at a maximum authorized speed.

It maintains correct tyre pressure by sealing leaks permanently, guards against punctures and blow-outs, and thus permits preventive safety against punctures.
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01. What is air seal total (AST)?
AST is a water base thixotropic Glycol gel base high speed on road tyre sealant.
02. How will I benefit installing AST sealant?
AST sealant is a preventive sealant and must be installed in the tyre before the puncture actually occurs. It will be effective 95% of the time in tubeless tyres and 75% for the tube type tyre. Slow air leaks are prevented due to porosity and litigation thus avoiding under inflation. Under inflation is the number one enemy of the tyre as it reduces the tyre life substantially and also increases the fuel consumption.
03. How does AST seal a hole in the tread portion of the tyre?
AST forms a thin protective covering on the entire inside surface of the tyre. When a foreign object penetrates the tread portion of the tyre, the pressured air inside the tyre forces the sealant into the cavity and sealing it permanently.
04. How long AST last?
AST once installed inside the tyre will last for the entire legal life of the tyre.
05. What is the maximum diameter hole in the tyre that AST can seal?
On vehicles weighing less than 3.5 tons it would seal 6mm dia hole and for vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tons will seal upto 12mm dia hole. For the Tube type tyre the values are half, [i.e., 3mm and 5mm.]
06. Will AST sealant cause wheel imbalance?
No. AST sealant is a high speed sealant and will not cause any imbalance if installed properly. AST sealant can also be used for reinforced or run flat tyres. We recommend the tyres be balanced before the AST sealant is installed for better results.
07. Is AST sealant affected by extreme temperature?
No. AST sealant will perform effectively from minus 35 degree C to 50 deg.C.
08. Will AST settle at the bottom of the tyre?
No. The special formula of AST sealant defies gravity and once it is evenly coated inside the tyre surface it would not flow down.
09. How does AST sealant differs from the products sold in spray cans?
Most of these products are emergency repair kits which are curative and are temporary in nature. AST sealant in a permanent solution and a preventive one which has to be inserted before the puncture occurs.
10. Will the AST seal a puncture in the side walls of the tyre?
No. In any case when you have a puncture on the side wall you have to get it repaired by a professional or have change the tyre, this is recommended by the tyre manufacturer. A plug on the side wall is not permitted.
11. Will AST rust the rim of the tyre?
No. AST contains anticorrosive agents to prevent any corrosion on steel rims, alloy wheels or chrome wheels.
12. Will the sealant react with tyres?
No. The AST is chemically inert, water based, non-inflammable, non-toxic and is not oil based. In fact it has minute rubber particles as raw material which helps to seal the puncture.
13. Will AST affect the tyres manufacturers’ warranty?
No.The tyre has to be cleaned and then dried out !
14. Do we have to remove the foreign object piercing from the tyre?
Yes, Always. Incase it is a nail or a round object it should be pulled out of the tyre and if it is a screw it has to be unscrewed only and not pulled out as this may damage the cords and the belts of the tyre structure beyond repair and it may not seal the punctured hole. Once the object is removed the vehicle has to be driven immediately for the puncture to seal permanently. Please check the air pressure and incase of any loss, fill the air to the recommended air pressure.
15. Is AST better than the plug?
Yes. In most of the cases the sealant is better than the plug as the plug is inserted after the puncture occurs and it might have damaged the tyre by running it flat. It also helps you with the trouble of changing the tyre, repairing it and then fixing it back.
16. Can the tyre be repaired with the AST inside?
Yes. As AST is completely water soluble. Clean the inside surface of the tyre with water and after drying, carry out any major repairs.
17. Will AST dry out and ball-up in the tyre?
No. Because the tyre is a closed sealed container, no evaporation of the liquid can occur and it will remain in the same state that it was in when it was installed in the tyre.
18. Can AST be used in used tyres?
Yes, tyres in good shape and without leaks, but we recommend to balance the wheels before AST treatment.
19. What type of tyres AST can be used on?
AST can be used on all type of pneumatic tyres.
20. Does it save money?
Yes, as it keeps the tyres to run cooler you get better tyre life and avoids under inflation so this too gives better tyre life and tyres running with correct or recommended tyre pressure will give better fuel efficiency.
01. Please check the tyre size and as per the formula inject the required quantity of Air Seal Total Sealant (AST).
02. The vehicle has to run for about 50 kms and in between high speed driving (100kmph) for the AST Sealant to spread on the inside surface of the tyre due to centrifugal force. Alternatively run the tyre on the ramp for about 4/5 minute at about 100kmph, and then change the 2 wheels and do the same.
03. Please respect the tyre manufacturer recommendation to check the air pressure at least once a month, and in case of any loss of air pressure in the tyre, get the tyre inspected at the service station dispensing the AST Sealant for inspection.
04. The product will work 95% of the time.
05. Get the tyres balanced BEFORE the ASP Sealant is pumped into the tyre and NOT after the sealant treatment.
06. Any foreign object piercing the tyre has to be removed from the tyre and the puncture will get sealed. Drive after that. Check the pressure of the tyre once again and in case it has reduced, fill air to the recommended air pressure.
07. AST Sealant will seal punctures upto 6 mm dia hole effectivelyOn vehicles weighing less than 3.5 tons it would seal 6mm dia hole and for vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tons will seal upto 12mm dia hole only in the TREADED PORTION of the tyre. For the Tube type tyre the values are half, [i.e., 3mm and 5mm.]
08. AST Sealant may not seal puncture in the side wall of the tyre and it is not intended to use in tyres losing pressure due to faulty rims, valve, bead leaks and tyre cord damage etc.
09. In old tyres if plug puncture repair kit is used it may not seal leakage from the plug.
10. AST Sealant is a Preventive and not Curative Puncture Sealant and hence to be used before the puncture actually occurs.
11. In case of tyre being badly damaged and / or damage to the cords, to prevent bursting of the tyres, as a safety measure the air will be deliberately allowed to escape in a controlled manner.
12. The company’s liability is to the extent of replacing the SEALANT ONLY.