Key Benefits
Matchless safety
Excellent heat rejection
Anti glare
Boosted comfort
No signal interference
Eco friendly
Cost effective
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Automotive window films
Available in Dyed, Premium Dyed with Infrared rejection and Nano Ceramic.
Range of films available for front windscreen with VLT(Visible Light Transmission) 75% for
   comfortable driving with anti glare properties.

Rejects IR heat more than 90% , reduces inside temperature considerably reducing substantial load
   on A/C less fuel consumption.

No metal no dye particles added, (Nano Ceramic type), no radio frequency interruption or disturbance    while using Mobile, GPS , etc.
2 ply construction(Nano Ceramic type) provides significant extra strength to the existing glass.
Warranty from 2 ½ years to 7 years.

Professional dyed film. Enhances external appearance
Good heat rejection, more than 98% of Ultra violet rejection
Warranty for 30 months

   Premium dyed Infrared film
   Powerful barrier against unwanted heat and radiation from the sun
   Faster cooling and less load on A/C
   Warranty for 36 months

   Latest Nano Ceramic technology and 100% metal and dye free
   Low on glare and solar reflectivity
   Warranty for 84 months
Specifications: The total solar energy rejected values are of the film alone and not with film mounted on glass.
ATHOS Professional Dyed Film
ANDES Premium Dyed Infra Red Film
ALPS High Performance Nano Ceramic Films