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Jean Albert Perfumes
Arpee Electrical Pvt. Ltd. offers Jean Albert Perfumes, a brand from Energon, Switzerland.The product is manufactured in Italy.

The company has patented technology for perfume dispensing by a special wooden cap and the lace by which it is suspended. It does not work on wick principle which most of the units work on. Each bottle has a steel ball inside which helps to dispense the right quantity when turned upside down allowing a particular amount of perfume to get dispensed on the wooden cap and the lace on which it is suspended. The system does not require draft of air and due to this it can be used and placed to suit each individual in car, home, offices etc.

Due to this unique dispensing system, the perfume lasts for a long time and outperforms other products.

The fragrances available are totally out of this world, never experienced before in the Indian market. Each packing has a inbuilt tester (again a first with patented technology) so that one can choose depending upon ones liking. As mentioned above the way the whole system works, most of the time you will not require to recharge the system by turning the bottle upside down as a small quantity will get evaporated by absorbing the surrounding heat and keeping the environment around it fragrant.

A range of different bottles, colours and fragrances are available to suit personal taste.

Fragrance available are: Sport, Vamp and Virage.

Open the blister pack.

Open the wooden cap by unscrewing it, then remove the plastic cap. screw back the wooden cap tightly on the bottle.

Open the knot of the lace and hang it at a convenient place (on the rear view mirror) by passing the other end of the lace through the small wooden bead. Please fix the way it is mentioned and NOT BY TYING A KNOT or knots at the ends.

Keep the suspended bottle about 3 cms long below the glass or as suitable.

Turn the bottle upside down for a short interval of time to activate the perfume. The fragrance will take about hr to spread. In case the fragrance gets a bit weak reactivate the perfume by inverting the bottle once again.

Please follow the above instruction to make the perfume last for a long time.
Jean Albert Perfumes Fragrances