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Slide Coatings will repel water, dust, insects and oil
Slide Coating is permanent
Avoids scratches and wiper marks on the glass
Improves visibility
Effective on old and new glasses
UV stable, environmental friendly, non toxic
Shower Glass Enclosure with SLIDE Coating
Non stop fabric protection from SLIDE coatings
Slide Fabric Protector is professional stain protection for upholstery.
Slide when sprayed forms an invisible shield against common household stains, protecting fabric so it looks cleaner and fresh for longer.
Slide can be used on fabric upholstery, micro fibre, rugs, carpets, drapery, table linen, auto fabric interiors, apparels and nubuck and suede leathers. Slide coatings are long lasting.
Fabric without SLIDE Coating Fabric with SLIDE Coating

Q. How does Slide coating help?
Ans: Studies done show that the visibility increases by almost 34% and hence the fast reflex time to act while driving. It also keeps the glass surface clean and does not allow the insects etc to adhere to the glass.

Q. How long will the product function last?
Ans: Since the SLIDE coatings are UV-stable, functionality is possible over longer periods of time.

Precautions to be taken for the product to last: - No abrasion - No use of strong chemicals, no powder based cleaners to be used for cleaning.

Q. Where all SLIDE coatings can be used?
Ans: Shower cubicles, sinks, toilets, solar panels, mirrors, windows, car windows. SLIDE coatings are available for different surfaces and textures keeping them water repellant and stain resistance easy to maintain and clean surface. Please write to us for more information.

Q. Is the SLIDE coating food-safe?
Ans: Yes, as confirmed by an CBA certificate

Q. How fast is the SLIDE coating stable after the application?
Ans: The water-resistance is guaranteed only seconds after application.Water dropping over the glass after 15 min of application is not going to effect the coating. Abrasion and chemical resistance should first be tested after 24 hours since a post-cross linking of the product takes place. Avoid using the wiper blades for the first 24 hrs.

Q. Does the SLIDE coating impact the visual appearance?
Ans: No! Because of the small layer thickness (about 1/10 of a micron), there is no impact on visual appearance or feel of the substrate.

Q. Does the SLIDE coating impact the UV irradiation on solar panels?
Ans: No! Because of the small layer thickness (about 1/10 of a micron), there is no impact on visual appearance or feel of the coating.

Q. Can the SLIDE coating be reapplied?
Ans: Yes, in the case of damage e.g. through permanent abrasion, it can be reapplied like an initial application.

Q. Can two coats of SLIDE coating be applied?
Ans: No! A 2nd coating will not adhere to the 1st coat!

Q. What cleansers can be used to clean the surface after SLIDE coating.?
Ans: We recommend pH-neutral liquid cleansers. PLEASE AVOID POWDER BASED CLEANERS OR ABRASIVE CLEANERS.

Q. The beading effect is not working all of a sudden!
Ans: SLIDE coating is probably dirty Dirt particles on the coating prevent beading Just clean and the effect will return.

Q. What are the main advantages of a SLIDE coating compared to competitive products?
Ans: Permanent, chemical and abrasion resistance, UV stable, affordable.

Q. Can Slide coating be done on other surfaces apart from glass and ceramics?
Ans: We have different coating materials for glass and ceramics, fabrics and upholstery, paints and plastics and for granite and marble. It helps to keep the products free from liquid soiling marks, and makes them easy to clean. All the SLIDE coatings are breathable.